Inspired by the Guardians of the Sea.


The story of how Puddle Pirate® started begins with a sailor aboard one of the most illustrious ships on the East Coast. He wanted something to show his pride. Anything that wasn't drowned out by the politics of Military apparel. We created this brand to honor those who are Always Ready, the Guardians of the Sea.

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Head on down into lower Bos'n Hole to peep the latest goods our Storekeeper has in stock. From bulkhead to bulkhead, we have shirts, posters, Koozies and Memo Pads, with more to come. Our shirts are perfect for those who don't like to be naked, and if you do, well, we have posters. Head on over to check out the goods. 

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"...we've got to go out, and it doesn't say a damn thing about having to come back"... So, with that said, once we're sold of out a product, it's gone forever to make room for the next design, thus making each shirt that much more special.  Check out Davy Jones' Locker to see which shirts have been destined to the afterlife thus far

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