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"A few armed vessels, judiciously stationed at the entrances of our ports, might at a small expense be made useful sentinels of the laws."

- Alexander Hamilton

Sea Stories

CGC KISKA Emblem Design

COAST GUARD CUTTER KISKA 13°26’24” N, 144° 39’ 36” E USCGC KISKA (WPB 1336) is an Island Class Patrol Boat stationed in Santa Rita, Guam. It serves as a versatile platform for performing a wide variety of missions, some of...

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CGC MAUI Emblem Design

COAST GUARD CUTTER MAUI 26.2285° N, 50.5860° E The cutter Maui, originally homeported in Miami, Fla., is one of six U.S.Coast Guard patrol boats assigned to Patrol Forces Southwest Asia inBahrain as part of Combined Task Force 150. _________ The...

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CGC MONOMOY Emblem Design

COAST GUARD CUTTER MONOMOY 26.2285° N, 50.5860° E Monomoy was originally commissioned in 1989 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, at Coast Guard Station Woods Hole. Her missions have included search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, alien interdiction, marine mammal protection and...

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