CGC KISKA Unit Emblem Design

Puddle Pirate® was asked to design the unit emblem for the Coast Guard Cutter KISKA, an Island Class Patrol Boat stationed in Santa Rita, Guam. It serves as a versatile platform for performing a wide variety of missions, some of which are: Port, Waterways, and Coastal Security (PWCS), Search and Rescue (SAR), Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE), and living Marine Resources (LMR) Protection. USCGC KISKA primarily operates throughout Guam


The shape is derived from a circle, giving it a strong, balanced feeling. The nautical line outlines this to draw emphasis to the seagoing nature of the KISKA.



As a nod to where the KISKA’s homeport, the shape of the seal of GUAM shows up at the base an interior circle. Palm symbols accompany the shape to draw more from the seal. There are 2 palm symbols to pay homage to the Legend of the Two Lovers of Guam folklore. 



A latte stone is a pillar (Chamorro language: haligi) capped by a hemispherical stone capital with the flat side facing up. Used as building supports by the ancient Chamorro people, they are found throughout most of the Mariana Islands. In modern times, the latte stone is seen as a sign of Chamorro identity and is used in many different contexts.



A flaming torch is a common emblem of both enlightenment and hope; something other boats in distress might have when CGC KISKA is en route to a SAR case, also a symbol of power and authority while acting as “Guardians of Micronesia.” 


Final Unit Emblem   

Final Unit Emblem


Final Unit Emblem: Pacific Blues   

Final Unit Emblem: Pacific Blues


Secondary Marks

Secondary Marks

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Teal - Flag.jpg
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