CGC Monomoy Seal Redesign


Puddle Pirate® was asked to redesign the seal for the Coast Guard Cutter Monomoy currently deployed in Bahrain as part of PATFORSWA. Since the cutter has been around since 1989, and being originally from Massachusetts, we wanted to pay homage to her heritage and history as all good seals do.  

Follow along below to discover the meaning behind each of the seals elements...


The basic shape takes on that of a lifering to overall denote the most basic fact of the Monomoy; She's a nautical vessel. 



Named after Monomoy Island, off the west coast of Cape Cod, MA, the Monomoy’s place of origin is part of her history that will never change. The banners that don the shield in the Massachuesetts State Flag, also show up in the Monomoy’s new seal as well as the lone star above the Native American who's wielded a bow and arrow (which also appear as a cross section). 


Not just paying homage to the state, but the name itself; Monomoy itself is a term coined from the Wampanoag Tribe, meaning “look-out-place” or “deep-water”. 



Then we added an eagle. Well because... Merica. Also, with the Monomoy being an entity overseas representing America, the symbol of the eagle represents  authority, swiftness and justice. 

Bahrain is the Monomoy’s current home port. While that may not be true forever, it’s a part of her history that will never be changed. So adding a small nod to the Bahrain National flag inside of the Eagle’s chest commemorates the missions and hard work that her and her crew have put in while part of PATFORSWA.


CGCMonomoy_Full Seal - Cape Cod.png

Adding color that pays homage to the Massachusetts state flag as well as adding in the cutter's motto rounds out the seal leaving it open for other operation color schemes (below). 

Secondary Marks


Secondary Color Schemes and Branding

Desert Sand

Desert Sand

Binder 0256-2 2018-02-26.png
Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Packaging 0614-1 2018-02-26.png
Binder 0256-1 2018-02-26.png