USCG Station Cape Charles

Puddle Pirate® was honored to be approached by the XO of USCG Station Cape Charles, Virginia to redesign their unit emblem. We know that a lot of Coasties take pride in their unit and like to wear it proudly, so we wanted to make sure we encompassed the history and pride of Cape Charles in this design. Below, we lay out our thought process on what we added to the design and why. We couldn't be more happy to have been part of this process and hope Station Cape Charles wears their new emblem proudly. 

The Sword

In a litteral sense, the sword is representative of the sword that Lady Virture is holding on the Virginia State Flag. Abstractly, it represents the shape of the Eastern Shore of Virigina. And finally Conceptually, it represents the divider of good/evil, safety/harm, courage/fear etc...


Cape Charles Lighthouse Frame

In the sword's handle is a pattern mimicked by the frame of the Cape Charles Lighthouse, paying homage to the location of the Station.  


Cape Cobb Lifesaving Station

At the butt of the sword is a small silhouette of the old Cobb Island Life-Saving station, paying homage to the history of the area, where similar missions were completed by other brave men. 

Roman Numerals

The roman numerals ‘MMXVII’ translates to ‘1971’, which of course, is the year the Station started service. 



Thanks for checking out the project, and if you or your unit have a similar need, feel free to reach out! We'd love to work with you.