Gallatin Special Edition Decommission Shirt


As many of you know, the CGC Gallatin will be getting decommissioned at the end of March. As a former sailor of this warship, I felt a great way to show my thanks is by designing a shirt in her honor. Unfortunately, with being a small company, and striving for only the best quality of shirts (as those of you who have bought shirts know), the pockets aren't deep enough to fund this project right now. 

So we turned to Kickstarter.

For all you former sailors of the Gallatin, or just beloved fans of the Coast Guard's White Hulls, this shirt is for up for pre-sale at Kickstarter right now. If the goal is met before February 23rd then we'll be able to get the funds for printing. 

There are many levels of commitment, (for instance, if you just want to buy the shirt, it's $25, nothing more, nothing less, we'll pay for shipping)... 

Visit the link HERE

Thanks for checkin' out the blog for further details, as always, we'll keep you all posted! Until then, Fair Winds and Following Seas!