Puddle Pirate; The Tale 

The story of how Puddle Pirate started begins with a sailor aboard one of the most illustrious ships on the East Coast. Scouring the Caribbean for evil-doers and those threatening any harm towards the wonderful U-S-of-A. He didn't want a pat on the back, a handshake or even a free meal from Applebee's on Veteran's Day (if you could keep that going though, that'd be great), he wanted something to show his pride. Anything that wasn't drowned out by the politics of restrictions and guidelines of military apparel. 

Thus Puddle Pirate was formed. A small token to those who risk a lot more than most of the landlubbers their age. Puddle Pirate is inspired by the Guardians of the Sea.

The term was created in a derogatory manner by those who wish they were Puddle Pirates. In fact, we wear the term proudly (figuratively and literally). And we want you to wear it proudly, that is, in fact, why we created this brand.

Interested in being a Puddle Pirate? Well Bravo-Zulu shipmate, that's all it takes. Now strap on your boots, kiss your cat goodbye (make sure you have someone feeding him while you're away) and hop onboard. The seas may get rough, but keep in mind...

 We are all Puddle Pirates.